Leden 2011


28. ledna 2011 v 9:44 | majitel-makuta-teridax |  mé výtvory
prosím mám smazat tento článek? jelikož je to urážka některých z vás

na nic

27. ledna 2011 v 8:32 | majitel-makuta-teridax
Here you go, a skin to live up to the champion Kassadin as one mean motherfuker.

Didn't bother to add pics of all the spell effects, they are all black with some gold tinge.

Big thanks to Arkaotic for finding all of the particle files!

Love it. Play it. Rate it.

Riot, if you see this skin, feel free to borrow the idea. I'll gladly purchase this skin if you put it in game. Or just flat out steal it, as long as we get some cool skins to buy.